Awaken & Express Your Most Empowered and Purposeful Self





You may find yourself at a time when the momentum of your personal and professional expansion requires a spiritual, physical and emotional upgrade to keep you connected, healthy, authentic and thriving. In this time of intense growth, I help you build your sense of inner sovereignty, receptivity, connection and rootedness. Ultimately, I am here also to help you commit to what turns you on and calls you the most and set the foundation to bring that call to life. This coaching work will help you breakthrough your evolutionary edges and set in place the practices, mindset and systems that will allow you to thrive. 



I offer this one-on-one transformational coaching program creators, leaders and healers ripe to claim their authentic power and express their inner calling. This immersive coaching relationship offers you the guidance that you need to go through the cocoon of transformation, uncover your true essence and reveal where innate gifts reside. As you discover new parts of yourself, repattern beliefs, transform wounds into gifts and gain the capacity to listen at more subtle levels, your most authentic self will emerge. I am here to stand closely at your side as we evolve your personal and professional life from the inside out. 




Once you’re ready to bring your unique offerings out into the world in a powerful, effective, authentic and profitable way, I’m here to support you as your business mentor, guiding you through a step-by-step marketing methodology and keep you accountable. The practical approach I share with my clients comes out of my in-depth study of Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy and Marie Forleo’s B-School – two of the most reputable marketing courses for creative entrepreneurs and thought leaders.  

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I work with most clients from 6 months to a year.
All coaching is done by phone, zoom or in person depending on your location. 
The first session can include a private daylong retreat. 
All coaching is one-on-one.


As your coach I will:
  • Fine tune with you a personal practice for self-mastery that will help you respond from your center, lower your stress, increase your energy and improve your relationships.
  • Support you in accessing your receptive and creative power by increasing your energetic awareness, incorporating new practices and clearing energetic blocks.   
  • Help you make decisions from a full body approach – expanding your level of awareness and intuition. 
  • Help you align your life with your values, innate knowing, aspirations and true purpose. 
  • Open opportunities to take part of ceremonies, rituals and exclusive journeys that will upgrade your inner operating system and expand your consciousness. 
  • Guide you through the Purpose Program to deepen your personal path towards purpose, wellbeing and freedom if this feels right to you. 
  • Share with you tools you need to help you align with your higher self, reduce overwhelm.  
  • Focused coaching to find solutions to challenges as they come up. 
  • Help you to move beyond what is no longer in alignment with your truth and purpose. 
  • Allow you to be fully authentically you.
  • Keep you accountable to what you commit to do, week after week. 
  • Hold high standards for you. 



  • Weekly 60min. virtual coaching sessions or in person (Topanga, CA). 




“I met Magalie a few years into early retirement.  Life was calling me in a new direction and Magalie was instrumental in it’s discovery.  She is a brilliant and gifted facilitator in healing and transforming outdated patterns of masculine expression.  Much more than a knowledge transfer or a roadmap for change from this or that spiritual tradition, Magalie guides a customized experiential process.  Her work unleashes joy, insight and deep reconnection to an inner divine feminine source that rehabilitates patterns of the successful but disconnected masculine.  I had been operating unconsciously from a place of fear of loss, hidden under layers of outer mastery and the story of hard earned respect.  Magalie helped me unearth these protection patterns and opened up a well of receptive capacities, such as being ok with not knowing and listening deeply.  I feel reunited with a type of balance, presence and curiosity that was there in childhood before the fear set in and drove my path for decades.  Yet the skills learned along the way are being included in the reunion, and are coming into new purpose, with deeper rewards.  This post executive growth journey is a magical result for me, and I’m enormously grateful for Magalie’s coaching.”

– David Hofstatter, Tech Entrepreneur & angel investor

 I believe Magalie was put on this earth as a kind of mid-wife of the Divine. There is a way the being around her brings forward and births one’s Source Essence into tangible form on this planet.  When I first met her, she intuitively knew that I was in great distress, that my nervous system had been hijacked.  And she was correct.  She held me and cradled me and my entire being calmed.  I did not know exactly what was happening in that moment, but I did know that I was in the presence of a rare being who is able to blend what it means to be a soul/angel in a body in a tangible way.  Since knowing her I have felt myself anchor into a grounded sense of embodiment on this earth, of accepting the flow of shakti in all her raging forms- both the agony and the ecstasy, and to alchemize both aspects into gold, into love.  I believe her gift is to bring down and anchor Grace into her vessel and transit that gift to others, helping them transform their greatest pain into their greatest gift, to turn wounds into blessings and to walk as Grace on this earth as she does, fully human, and fully divine.  To work with Magalie is to work with someone who is fully embodying her purpose and walking this Earth as God intended.  – Kate West, Writer and Creative Director 

“Magalie has a deeply empathetic, calm presence, which serves well in supporting me on my path. She helps me notice what is coming up for me in challenging situations and relax into my center. And from that place of centeredness, she has a powerful capacity to help me navigate all that life throws at me and all that wells up inside of me. Her authentic love for her work and commitment to being of service shine through and make the difference, operating at a deeper level than I have experienced with others.”       – Jeff Mendelsohn, Founder & CEO New Leif Paper  

“My life has shifted 180 degrees. It’s been a game changer. It’s no longer my life. I am life. It is that simple. It is not about me anymore. It is about what I can DO for others. Magalie’s boldness is so profound that it is opening up a whole new universe where words are merly one of millions ways to communication. Now I know. I know. I am. Magalie’s boldness is so profound that it is opening up a whole new universe.”

                                 – Per Ekblom Entrepreneur, Sweden